Inauguration of the New Kollel Building

  • By Rabbi Yaakov Fisch
  • April 3, 2018
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It was with a great feeling of joy that our community inaugurated the new building that will house the new and upcoming Jacksonville Community Kollel. This marks a major milestone for the community, and it should be a source of pride for all members. I think a valid question that has been asked is why is it necessary for our community to have a kollel? Don’t we already have a thriving shul with many resources that serve as a platform for Torah education in the community? Furthermore, would this not compete with existing organizations in our local community for a scarcity of funds?
There are two primary objectives of the Jacksonville Community Kollel upon which its mission, vision, daily activities and operations will be guided by:
a.) To establish a vibrant Makom Torah in the city by creating a buzzing beehive of a Beis Midrash in which Torah Scholars are not only learning among themselves, but it will serve as a platform for community members to come and quench their thirst for Torah.
b.) The Kollel will serve as a vehicle for outreach to the Greater Jacksonville area. The primary source of outreach will be to create new learning opportunities for the not yet engaged and unaffiliated members of the Jewish community.
The kollel will utilize the talent and skill of existing rabbis in the community as well as recruit two new Kollel members who will not only be learned and affable but also serve as ambassadors for Torah values in our community. We value and appreciate our partnership with Torah Umesorah that is partnering with us for this most worthy endeavor. The objective of the kollel will be to engage a new demographics that not only take advantage of educational offerings but can be supportive in other ways as well.
With the arrival of the Kollel this coming summer, it is now clear that the most glorious days of our community lie in front of us.

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